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Oakland DUI Defense LawyersIf you or someone you know has been arrested for driving under the influence in Oakland, California, it is advisable to speak with a qualified and experienced DUI attorney immediately. With an understanding of DUI law unmatched by rival firms, the Law Office of Robert Tayac is aptly prepared to handle every aspect of your Oakland DUI case. This highly specialized drunk driving defense law firm specializes in defending individuals accused of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above Californiaís legal limit of 0.08% in Alameda Countyís Superior Courts.

Surprisingly to many people, a driving under the influence criminal case requires understanding of a vast array of specialized knowledge in order to be successful in court. The extreme complexity of a driving under the influence case requires a DUI defense attorney to exhibit expertise on a variety of topics including: human physiology, chemistry, breath-alcohol testing, blood-alcohol testing, direct and cross-examination of expert witnesses, and strict law enforcement procedures for probable cause, preliminary screening, and chemical testing.

At the Law Office of Robert Tayac, attorney Tayac and his team of experienced lawyers and staff have the education, experience, and training necessary to effectively and successfully defend your Oakland driving under the influence case. Every member of this specialized law office is dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal representation possible and rest assured, your Oakland DUI case will be given the utmost attention from start to finish.

An Oakland DUI arrest triggers two separate cases. The first case is a criminal case which is prosecuted by a District Attorney in one of Alameda Countyís Superior Courts. The second case is initiated by the California Department of Motor Vehiclesí Driver Safety Office. The purpose of this action is to determine whether or not an individualís driving privileges should be suspended following the Oakland DUI arrest.

In order to contest the suspension of an individualís California driving privileges, it is imperative that either the individual or the individualís lawyer contact the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten (10) days of the Oakland DUI arrest to scheduling a hearing with the DMVís Driver Safety Office. In this hearing, a hearing officer employed by the Driver Safety Office will act as both the prosecutor and the judge and will ultimately determine whether or not the individualís license should be suspended. If a request is not made for a hearing within the ten (10) days time period, the individual will automatically have their license suspended for a period of 4 months, beginning 30 days after the DUI arrest. Based on these stipulations, it is advisable to obtain a qualified driving under the influence defense lawyer in order to best protect oneís driving privileges.

The Law Office of Robert Tayac has been helping clients accused of driving under the influence for nearly a decade. The officeís positive reputation, practical experience, winning track record, and unparalleled knowledge of DUI law have helped to make the Law Office of Robert Tayac the Bay Areaís premier DUI defense firm. If you have any questions regarding your Oakland DUI case, please free to contact our office and speak with a knowledgeable member of our DUI defense team today.

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Oakland, Alameda County General Information:

Oakland City CenterOakland, founded in 1852, is the eighth-largest city in the U.S. state of California and the county seat of Alameda County. Oakland is located in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area, the sixth-most-populous metropolitan area in the United States. Based on 2006 statistical data, Oakland is the 44th-largest city in the United States.

About two-thirds of Oakland lies within the flat plain of the San Francisco Bay, with one-third rising into the foothills and hills of the East Bay range. One of Oakland's most notable features is Lake Merritt near downtown, the largest urban saltwater lake in the United States. The city of Oakland stretches from the San Francisco Bay up into the East Bay hills. The character of these neighborhoods continues to change as waves of migrants from within the United States and from other countries relocate here. The changing economy has also lured more workers with information technology and biotechnology skills to Oakland.

Oakland has more than 50 distinct neighborhoods, many of which are not "official" enough to be named on a map. The common large neighborhood divisions in the city are downtown Oakland, East Oakland, North Oakland, and West Oakland. East Oakland actually encompasses more than half of Oakland's area, stretching from Lake Merritt southeast to San Leandro. North Oakland encompasses the neighborhoods spread between downtown and Berkeley and Emeryville. West Oakland is the area between downtown and the Bay, partially surrounded by the Oakland Point encompassing the Port of Oakland.

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